An Easy Holiday Wreath Tutorial

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I took a fall wreath making class with Melissa Broadwell of Vintage Florals a couple months ago and it was FANTASTIC. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the winter workshop, but I still needed a Holiday Wreath for my house…so I decided to give it a go and I loved how it turned out!


  • Grapevine Wreath - I bought mine at Michael’s for about $5.

  • Floral Wire (or a thin gold wire could be pretty!)

  • Floral Tape

  • Winter Greenery - I bought mine from Trader Joe’s , but earlier in the season you can get it out of the scrap bin at your local Home Depot- for free!

  • Pampas Grass - I had some laying around, but you can get it and other dried grasses from your local floral wholesaler. I love Import Flowers in Nashville!

  • Red Berries - I got mine from Trader Joe’s

  • Bells - I got mine from Target

  • Ribbon- I made my ribbon by ripping up some pieces of fabric I got at a local fabric store - this is actually how I always make ribbon when I need it!


Wrap the grapevine wreath in floral wire. This doesn’t have to be fully wrapped in any means. The purpose is to tighten the grapevine just slightly so things will stay in it!

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Start putting in your greenery. For mine, I went in a counter clockwise pattern- you can do whatever you want! I cut my pieces down a little bit so they would fit in better. Tuck the greenery into the grapevine so it stays in.

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Trim the greenery. You’ll have some wild pieces. Don’t be afraid to trim it up to get the shape you want! Special appearance by our cat, Pig.

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Add in your Pampas Grass. One stem of Pampas Grass should be plenty. You will want to pull it apart a little to find the smaller stems within it. If you are having trouble finding stems, you can always use your floral wire or floral tape to hold smaller pieces together. I just did mine to one side, but you can integrate it into the whole wreath if you’d like! You can also use other dried grasses if Pampas Grass isn’t for you.

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Add your bells. I decided to use three bells. I took a longer piece of floral wire and strung all three bells on it. I then twisted the wire together at the base of the bells to form a cluster. Next, I stuck the wire through the wreath and twisted it together in the back.

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Add your ribbon. I used two, semi-wide pieces and simply just tied it once around the base of the Pampas Grass.

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Add in the Red Berries

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And Voila! Your wreath is complete. You can get creative and mix this up any way you want! You don’t even have to cover all the grapevine in greenery if you don’t want to. I can’t wait to see how you guys get creative with your wreaths! Be sure to tag us if you make one. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays <3