An Easy Holiday Wreath Tutorial

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I took a fall wreath making class with Melissa Broadwell of Vintage Florals a couple months ago and it was FANTASTIC. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the winter workshop, but I still needed a Holiday Wreath for my house…so I decided to give it a go and I loved how it turned out!


  • Grapevine Wreath - I bought mine at Michael’s for about $5.

  • Floral Wire (or a thin gold wire could be pretty!)

  • Floral Tape

  • Winter Greenery - I bought mine from Trader Joe’s , but earlier in the season you can get it out of the scrap bin at your local Home Depot- for free!

  • Pampas Grass - I had some laying around, but you can get it and other dried grasses from your local floral wholesaler. I love Import Flowers in Nashville!

  • Red Berries - I got mine from Trader Joe’s

  • Bells - I got mine from Target

  • Ribbon- I made my ribbon by ripping up some pieces of fabric I got at a local fabric store - this is actually how I always make ribbon when I need it!


Wrap the grapevine wreath in floral wire. This doesn’t have to be fully wrapped in any means. The purpose is to tighten the grapevine just slightly so things will stay in it!

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Start putting in your greenery. For mine, I went in a counter clockwise pattern- you can do whatever you want! I cut my pieces down a little bit so they would fit in better. Tuck the greenery into the grapevine so it stays in.

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Trim the greenery. You’ll have some wild pieces. Don’t be afraid to trim it up to get the shape you want! Special appearance by our cat, Pig.

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Add in your Pampas Grass. One stem of Pampas Grass should be plenty. You will want to pull it apart a little to find the smaller stems within it. If you are having trouble finding stems, you can always use your floral wire or floral tape to hold smaller pieces together. I just did mine to one side, but you can integrate it into the whole wreath if you’d like! You can also use other dried grasses if Pampas Grass isn’t for you.

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Add your bells. I decided to use three bells. I took a longer piece of floral wire and strung all three bells on it. I then twisted the wire together at the base of the bells to form a cluster. Next, I stuck the wire through the wreath and twisted it together in the back.

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Add your ribbon. I used two, semi-wide pieces and simply just tied it once around the base of the Pampas Grass.

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Add in the Red Berries

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And Voila! Your wreath is complete. You can get creative and mix this up any way you want! You don’t even have to cover all the grapevine in greenery if you don’t want to. I can’t wait to see how you guys get creative with your wreaths! Be sure to tag us if you make one. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays <3


All About the Rebrand

7B Mission Sq.jpg

I made the decision to rebrand Alexandrea Cantrell Events to The New Eclectic a little over a year ago.  However, it took a while for me to decide how I wanted this transition to go.  As soon as I made the decision to fully rebrand, I knew I would need some help.  I had ideas in my mind of what I wanted it to look like, but I didn’t really know how to get it there.  I also didn’t really know where to start or what all actually went into creating a brand.

I started looking around at different branding agencies, but nothing really felt right.  That’s when I remembered about Laura Bennett.  Laura and I went to college together, and I have always admired her for her attention to detail and her creativity.  She has worked for several VERY successful companies post college- including Nike and Disney, and ventured out on her own not too long ago by starting Laura Bennett Design.  She is based out of LA, but can work with people anywhere. 

Laura and I had an initial phone call- I told her a little about my vision, which wasn’t a lot because I had really thought about was color palette and logo, and I also created a mood board of sorts to share with her so that she could get a feel for what I was drawn to and the type of client I wanted to attract with The New Eclectic.

We started with an inspiration board.  It pulled together colors, typefaces and other elements I had seen around that were really catching my attention.  After solidifying the inspiration board and color palette, we moved on to the logo. I wanted something that felt timeless, but was also really unique and different.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 1.47.31 PM.png

Laura presented me with with several ideas, and then we refined and sifted through until we settled on one that we felt would be a good depiction of where I wanted to go with all of this. Laura was SO helpful. I felt so blind going into this, and it’s almost like she read my mind.  She interpreted the very little information I felt like I was giving her, and created an end product that I am so in love with. 

I got really caught up on the logo- because it’s easy to think logo is everything, but in reality, it’s really just a small part of your brand.  Laura presented me with SO MANY different brand elements that I can keep integrating and using in my business for years to come.  She provided me with so much content and so many elements to help me stretch and promote my business in different ways.  

Laura provided me with so many details to incorporate into my brand- from fonts to Instagram story covers, she thought of it all. She pays so much attention to detail and literally thought of everything!

All this to say- if you are looking for someone to help you brand your business and bring your vision to life, Laura is amazing.  She will walk you through the process and provide you with an end product that will blow you away.  I am so happy that I decided to go with Laura and can’t wait to use her for projects in the future. See a small snippet of the content she provided me below:

Logo Outline_low.jpg
15B In Art We Trust.jpg
14B The Art of.jpg
13B E Icon Photo.jpg
12A Dry Brush.jpg
11B Logo Repeat.jpg
10B Pattern.jpg
9B Pattern.jpg
8D Alt Logo.jpg
8E Alt Logo.jpg
7A Vision.jpg
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A Simply Spooky Halloween Table Set Up

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One of my favorite things to do is to gather around the table with friends and enjoy a meal- it’s just a plus if the table happens to be a really pretty one. When thinking about what we wanted to do for this table scape and where we wanted it to be, we knew that we wanted to try our best to keep it simple and practical.

My parents live in an early 1900s house in Brentwood. There house has a lot of history and I’ve always loved that about it. Many of their neighbors houses are the same way. In the 1800s the land the houses are on now was originally owned by one person and it was a large farm, the land has since been broken into smaller slices of land, but slices large enough that it still feels like you are out in the country. Many of the houses on their street have small houses in the backyards which were originally used to house people who worked on the original property. Many are now run down- the one in my parents yard, for example, has been used for storage for many years.

One Halloween when I was younger, the parents all made mini haunted houses in these small houses in their backyards. All the kids hopped on a trailer that was hooked to a four wheeler and went from “haunted” house to “haunted” house. I always think about that experience around Halloween time, and all the nostalgia comes rushing in… the childhood memories, the history of the homes, all of it.

When I was thinking about this shoot, I knew I wanted to clear out the little house in my parents back yard and use it. I felt like it was the perfect setting for a halloween inspired dinner.

I knew I wanted to have some type of hanging installation over the table- My original idea was branches with leaves that were changing colors, but Tennessee’s leaves aren’t doing much color changing yet. Then I thought of corn stalks. I arranged two bundles of corn stalks in an organic, asymmetrical formation and suspended them from the ceiling. I was really pleased with how it all turned out.

I knew from the start that I didn’t want to use flowers for this shoot, and pumpkins seemed like the perfect, appropriate substitute. I used only white pumpkins in varying sizes to almost act as a runner for the table. I also used a single, small white pumpkin at each place setting.

The plates, water glasses, wine glasses, candles, and candle holders all came from Target. I chose the plates because I loved the hand made feel of them. The black wine glasses (which aren’t actually the glasses I decided to use for wine) are also a favorite. They are funky (I love a little bit of funk) and a nice change from the traditional wine glass. The water glasses ( which are holding wine ) are also a new favorite. I love using them in my house because they stack for storage, they are a good size, and I love the shape…I also really loved them as a wine glass. The black speckled taper candle holders had a bit of a spooky look to me and I wanted to incorporate them somehow. They also add a bit of a modern twist, which I’m a fan of. I always love using as much candle light as possible. It just makes everything feel better.

The flatware is vintage from the local flea market, and the napkins are flour sack towels that I hand dyed with Ritt dye. I love mixing different dyes to get the colors I want. Flour sack towels absorb the dye really well and can be used for lots of things. I use them for napkins, hand towels, dishtowels, etc. For the color of the napkins- I mixed Tangerine and Dark Brown dyes. I can do a tutorial on this later. It’s super simple! I also gathered a few leaves from around the yard that were showing a bit of color and placed one at each place setting, and a few scattered on the table and in the pumpkins. The chairs and table were ones that we had.

This table was simple to put together and would provide a great stage to come together with some loved ones for a Halloween or Fall dinner. Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@theneweclectic) if you decide to incorporate any of these tips into your Halloween or fall tables!

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The New Eclectic

12B Dry Brush Logo.jpg

A few months ago, I was sitting with a fellow event planner talking about what we wanted our businesses to look like. She asked me, “what do you think about when you think about how you want your business to look?” I responded in that I thought of the word “eclectic, but not in a way that’s vintage or outdated, but modern and innovative.” She said, “like NEW eclectic,” and I said, “I think that’s what I want to name my business.”

From there, it somewhat snowballed. I suddenly could envision what I wanted my business to look like. The truth is, from the time I started Alexandrea Cantrell Events, a small facet was missing. I knew I liked events, I knew I liked interiors, I knew I liked designing spaces and helping people achieve looks they wanted… I just wasn’t sure how to marry the three of those things under the name Alexandrea Cantrell Events. It was time for a change. I feel as though The New Eclectic not only does a better job of reflecting what I want my business to reflect, but also does a much better job of reflecting me as a person.

When I decided on a name, I knew it was also time for a rebrand. I looked around a little, but then a friend reminded me that a very talented classmate and friend of mine from college was now doing branding (sometimes we overlook what’s right under our nose). I decided that Laura Bennett Design was a great fit for me. Laura absolutely blew me out of the water with the elements she came up with. There are several I will be implementing slowly. She is a brilliant designer and I honestly don’t think I could have found a better fit.

I also had one of my favorite photographers, Eden Ingle, do a little rebranding shoot for me. I feel like this shoot is a great representation of my style, this brand, and the direction we are heading. I will do a separate blog post going into more detail about the shoot and how wonderful Eden is in the next few days.

So what else is new?… I decided to add a member to my team, my friend Izzi. Izzi is a mover and a go getter who I not only fully trust to carry out what I have established for this business, but also am so excited for her to bring so many new elements to the table. Izzi makes up for me in the places I lack. She is a perfect addition to my team and I am so excited to see what she does for this business.

Sooo what can you expect? I am going to keep planning and designing weddings, but not quite as many as before because we are offering so many new things under The New Eclectic. Izzi will also be available as a month of coordinator. We also would LOVE to get into other events as well- specifically music industry events, so if any of you reading this have connections, hit me up!

We are also going to start offering interior styling services. Maybe you have a space, and a lot of furniture, but you want a refresh and also want to add a few new pieces. We’re your girls. We will take what you have + a few new things and give your space a full face lift.

Another new service we will be offering are our design board services… maybe you don’t want to hire an event designer because you feel like it would put too much of a strain on your budget. We have an extensive questionnaire we will send you that will tap into your style and your overall vision for your event. From there, we will create a custom design board which gives you the tools to achieve the overall appearance you want to achieve at the fraction of the cost of an event planner. More details will be coming on this soon.

Finally, you can expect more blog posts- DIYs, real weddings, styled shoots, event advice, home tips, you name it. We are really excited about this. If you have anything in particular you’d like to know about or learn about, send us an email and we will see what we can come up with!

Thank you for sticking with me as my business evolves. I am thrilled about the direction it is headed, and to have Izzi as a part of my team. We have lots of exciting things brewing and we cannot wait to share them with you guys!