All About the Rebrand

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I made the decision to rebrand Alexandrea Cantrell Events to The New Eclectic a little over a year ago.  However, it took a while for me to decide how I wanted this transition to go.  As soon as I made the decision to fully rebrand, I knew I would need some help.  I had ideas in my mind of what I wanted it to look like, but I didn’t really know how to get it there.  I also didn’t really know where to start or what all actually went into creating a brand.

I started looking around at different branding agencies, but nothing really felt right.  That’s when I remembered about Laura Bennett.  Laura and I went to college together, and I have always admired her for her attention to detail and her creativity.  She has worked for several VERY successful companies post college- including Nike and Disney, and ventured out on her own not too long ago by starting Laura Bennett Design.  She is based out of LA, but can work with people anywhere. 

Laura and I had an initial phone call- I told her a little about my vision, which wasn’t a lot because I had really thought about was color palette and logo, and I also created a mood board of sorts to share with her so that she could get a feel for what I was drawn to and the type of client I wanted to attract with The New Eclectic.

We started with an inspiration board.  It pulled together colors, typefaces and other elements I had seen around that were really catching my attention.  After solidifying the inspiration board and color palette, we moved on to the logo. I wanted something that felt timeless, but was also really unique and different.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 1.47.31 PM.png

Laura presented me with with several ideas, and then we refined and sifted through until we settled on one that we felt would be a good depiction of where I wanted to go with all of this. Laura was SO helpful. I felt so blind going into this, and it’s almost like she read my mind.  She interpreted the very little information I felt like I was giving her, and created an end product that I am so in love with. 

I got really caught up on the logo- because it’s easy to think logo is everything, but in reality, it’s really just a small part of your brand.  Laura presented me with SO MANY different brand elements that I can keep integrating and using in my business for years to come.  She provided me with so much content and so many elements to help me stretch and promote my business in different ways.  

Laura provided me with so many details to incorporate into my brand- from fonts to Instagram story covers, she thought of it all. She pays so much attention to detail and literally thought of everything!

All this to say- if you are looking for someone to help you brand your business and bring your vision to life, Laura is amazing.  She will walk you through the process and provide you with an end product that will blow you away.  I am so happy that I decided to go with Laura and can’t wait to use her for projects in the future. See a small snippet of the content she provided me below:

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