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We are so glad you decided to stop by. We thought we’d tell you a little bit about ourselves. Alex and Izzi have been friends for as long as they can remember. They grew up together and would not only consider themselves great friends, but sisters. We feel like we work well together because we can shoot straight with each other (which is important in a business), and also celebrate each other (which is also important in a business). We balance each other out and push each other to think outside the box and try new things. Our styles are similar, but also slightly different which allows us to view and evaluate things from several different points of view. We can’t wait to meet you!


Alexandrea Cantrell is the owner/founder, lead designer, and event coordinator here at The New Eclectic. She was born and raised here in Nashville, and has continued to live here her whole life. She graduated from Lipscomb University with a degree in Art Therapy. She has always had a passion for creating a spaces, be it in a home or an event, that feels unique, well designed, and inclusive to anyone who enters it. She had several experiences which have helped her refine her design skills and style. She has been trained in spatial design, 2D design, woodworking, painting, and various other elements. She started dabbling in the wedding industry in early 2015 when she started Alexandrea Cantrell Events, and has since worked on over 70+ different events. In her spare time she loves running, yoga, a good glass of an Italian red, eating delicious food, watching The Great British Bakeoff on Netflix, and most importantly, spending time with the people she loves. She lives in south Nashville with her husband, TJ, her two year old son, Leo, and their two dogs and two cats.


Izzi Benjamin is the associate designer and event coordinator at The New Eclectic. Izzi was born and raised in Nashville, but moved to Sydney, Australia at 19 and lived there for eight years. While she was there, she met and fell in love with her husband, Bede. In Sydney she studied Interior Design and had multiple opportunities to work in large scale event production and design. They moved back about a year and a half ago so that Izzi could pursue design in the States, and so that Bede could pursue his song writing career. Her absolute love is creating spaces that you don’t want to leave…spaces that when you are in them, their beauty heightens your experience, be it for the night or for decades to come. In Izzi’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, a good glass of wine, trying fantastic food, and the occasional Netflix binge. She and her husband, Bede, reside in the South Nashville area.